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Sunday 28th August 2022


The show is open to all villagers and club members so please come along and join in the fun. Come and see what your neighbours have created this year and let's see if your lemon drizzle cake is the best in the village!

The show area will be available between 11.30am and 1pm for competitors to stage their entries. Judging will take place between 1pm and 2.45pm when we ask all to vacate the area to allow this process to take place safely. The Summer Show will then be open to the public between 3pm and 4pm when the prizes will be awarded.

Village Show Schedule




All entries should arrive between 11.30am and 1pm when judging will take place. At chich time the room will be closed to the public and will reopen for viewing between 2.45 and 3pm. All entries must remain in the show room until 4 pm for viewing. The cost of entry is only £1 for every 5 entries you have or part thereof. Up to 55 entries per person. Only one entry per category. Categories as follow:       



  1. Victoria Sandwich (Filled with jam only, any variety between 7” and 8” round) - Jam can be shop bought

  2. 3 Fruit Scones (any fruit)

  3. 1 Apple Pie (any size)

  4. 1 Lemon Drizzle Cake (any size or shape)

  5. 4 Cup Cakes

  6. 1 Fruit Cake (any size or shape)

  7. 3 Cheese Scones

  8. Bread Pudding (any shape or size)

  9. ShortBread (any shape or size)

  10. Ginger Cake (any shape or size)

  11. 5 Cheese Straws



12.  Children's Section - 3 decorated buns

13.  Children's Section - Under 5 painting or colouring

14.  Children's Section - 6 - 11 painting or drawing



15.  A photograph of an animal or bird

16.  A photograph of a “nice view”

17.  Any other craft

18.  A painting (any medium)

19.  A handmade greeting card

20.  A hand knitted item

21.  A crocheted item

22.  An item of needlework


FLOWERS & PLANTS (Must be homegrown or allotment)


23.   1 Stem large flowered rose

24.  1 Vase of any variety of 5 rose stems

25.  3 Stems of Dahlia (any variety)

26.  1 Vase mixed flowers (annuals and/or perennials)

27.  1 Vase Annuals

28.  1 vase Perennials

29.  3 Specimen decorative or cactus Dahlia

30.  3 Stems of Chrysanthemum

31.  1 Orchid in a pot

32.  1 Flowering pot plant (must have been owned by the exhibitor          for at least 10 weeks)

33.  1 Foliage pot plant (must have been owned by the exhibitor for at least 10 weeks)


    FRUIT & VEG - Must be home grown (or allotment) with the exception of 37 which may be gathered from the wild


34.  3 Cooking apples

35.  3 Dessert apples

36.  5 Plums

37.  5 Blackberries

38.  5 Raspberries

39.  A plate of any fruit

40.  3 Runner beans

41.  3 French beans

42.  5 Potatoes

43.  3 Parsnips

44.  3 Carrots (tops trimmed)

45.  1 Beetroot (top trimmed)

46.  3 Sticks of Rhubarb

47.  3 Onion Sets

48.  3 Shallots

49.  3 Leeks (tops trimmed)

50.  5 Tomatoes

51.  8 Cherry Tomatoes

52.  3 Different specimen vegetables

53.  Heaviest Marrow

54.  Longest Runner Bean

55.  Odd shaped fruit or vegetable

Competitors should supply their own vases


The Judge’s decision is final.

Fresh Organic Vegetables
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